Michael DelGrego
Years Experience:
With This Firm: 2003-Present
B.S. Civil Engineering/2001/University of Connecticut
M.S. Structural Engineering/2003/University of Connecticut
Active Registration:
- Clinton School - New Haven, CT
- UNH Dodds Hall - New Haven, CT
- Eastview Terrace - New Haven, CT
- Route 35 over unnamed brook - Ridgefield, CT
- Route 102 over Williams River - West Stockbridge, MA
- Tuttle Avenue over Mill River - Hamden, CT
Bridge Inspector
- Visual inspection of approximately 60 railroad bridges across Connecticut including the multiple span    
bascule bridge crossing the Mianus River.
- Field verification of bridge inspection reports noting bridge deficiencies.
- Hand-sketched existing bridge members in need of repair or replacement.
Graduate Research
- Performed long-term and short-term monitoring of various bridges for ConnDOT.
- Assisted ConnDOT with monitoring a 3-span continuous bridge carrying a one million pound “superload.”
- Analysis of strain gage data collected on 100-year-old truss bridge.
- Studied the effect of wind on highway sign structures.
- Performed stability analysis on existing overhead bridge sign structures.
- Provided design software to ConnDOT for highway sign structures according to the latest edition of the
Standard Specifications for Supports for Highway Signs, Luminaires and Traffic Signals.”
- Presented research material at the 2003 and 2004 Transportation Research Board Annual Meetings in
Washington D.C.
- Field Monitoring and Evaluation for Sign Support Structures Subjected to Dynamic Loads,
Report No. JHR 03-291
- Evaluation of Highway Signs with Truss Supports, TRB Report No. 03-3780
- Monitoring of Century-Old Railroad Truss Bridges, TRB Report No. 04-3790
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