Engineering Design

JKF and Associates - Consulting Engineers has a wide range of experience in both the public
and private sectors.  As representative of our diverse experience, our projects have ranged
Office Buildings
Foundation Design
Investigative Reports
Building Rehabilitation
Retaining Walls
Municipal Facilities
Commercial and Industrial Complexes
Structural Systems:

We are familiar with, and provide, comprehensive design services in a variety of structural
systems including;
Cast-in-place Concrete
Prestressed Concrete
Precast Concrete
Structural Steel
Composite Consruction
Light Gauge Metal
Timber Construction

Our structural design group has extensive in-depth experience in inspection, evaluation,
rehabilitation, design, and reconstruction of bridge structures. Bridge structures have included;
Fixed Spans
Short, Intermediate, and Long Span Bridges in
Steel, Concrete, Timber, and Masonry Design
Structural Design

JKF and Associates has the experience and expertise to complete many complex and large
design projects.  Our engineers have designed hundreds of diverse types of building structures.
We are capable of designing structures as small as residential additions to multi-story

Our engineers design projects that can be feasibly constructed without logistical problems.  
This has been derived from several decades of coordination with the field. Our staff has the
unique quality of understanding construction limitations and difficulties. We design a feasible
approach to construction that can only be learned from many years of successful practice.

We have designed structures based on many different types of structural systems. We employ
the latest software in structural analysis and our in-depth hands-on approach ensures a
thorough inspection of the structure.

JKF and Associates